Warning signs that your house wont sell

Warning Signs That House Won’t Sell

Some describe it as an art, some as a science and others as natural talent. But irrespective of the ability involved, selling a house is a task which is easier said than done.

Not only is it important to sell at the right time in the market but also at the right price and simple though it might seem, it is a feat that often tests the mettle of home owners. More often than not, it is the emotional attachment that the home owner has towards the property that tends to cloud judgement and interfere with what could otherwise have been a smooth process.

While it is all but natural for a home owner to think that their property is the ‘best’ in the market, adopting a more practical approach is equally important. After all, what good would sentiments do if they hinder the timely sale of your property and cause dilapidation as a result? Emotions aside, there are several factors that play a seminal role in the sale of a property and each of these could also well be the reason as to why your house may not be selling.

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